Zoho Catalyst

The simplest serverless platform

Catalyst by Zoho is a highly scalable serverless platform that lets developers build and deploy world-class solutions without managing servers. Even better, you pay nothing till you deploy the project to production. Get a free, full-featured sandbox and up to 125 million free invocations *

Zoho Catalyst

Go Serverless on Catalyst

Transform your business logic into seamless applications through simple and sturdy serverless technology.

Automated Scaling

Catalyst offers intensive scaling when the number of requests increases. This happens automatically, so you don’t have to worry about the server capacity for the spike in requests.

Zero Server Management

You can focus on building great applications for various business logic while we run the servers for you, take care of server configuration, credentials management, and provisioning, and handle decommissioning of old servers.

Pay as you use

Serverless Functions are similar to using data . You only pay for the compute time. Unlike traditional IaaS and PaaS, there is no need to pay month-to-month for the entire service. This is an extremely cost-effective model for those looking to build and scale new applications or microservices with minimum effort and budget.

Design and execute seamless business
workflows with Catalyst Circuits

How does Circuits work?

You can enable concurrent or sequential executions of Catalyst Functions in a Circuit, and define repeatable patterns of activities to achieve desired business outcomes.

Zoho Catalyst Circuit

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