We provides world-class and competitive facilities and equipment to better serve clients around the globe. With our newly-built office, we ensure that we can deliver all your outsourcing needs and more. Our services and equipment used by your offshore staff are fully customizable to adapt to the culture and nature of your business. The office is designed with the end results in mind to ensure our clients get the best outsourcing experience as possible.

Safe and Secure

Nothing is more important to us than our client’s peace of mind. Our biometrics scanner makes sure only authorized employees can enter our premises. We are experts in data security and we make sure your files are only kept between you and your staff.

Backup for Days

Our facilities are fully-generated, whenever power outages occur, our generators automatically kick in to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted work flow. Our computers are equipped with UPS battery backups, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Plenty of Room Here

We’ve got private interview rooms, managerial offices, a conference room, a dedicated pantry, and we also offer customizable rooms for clients looking for more exclusivity.

No more Loading Times

We have multiple fiber internet lines for faster speed and connection. This is more than a necessity to make sure your staff is working to their full capabilities.

Our Modern Workplace

Meeting Room
HR Office
Locker Hall
Multi-purpose Studio
Meeting Room

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