Data Conversion and Governance

We take a consultative approach to developing and successfully delivering a data migration strategy that fits your requirements.

Make your data migration a seamless success with the reliability, expert support, and cost effective options of Cool Runnings.

Business and Compliance Risk Analysis

Incorrect data migration planning always lead to failures and expensive overheads. This usually happens when incorrect data is loaded.

These errors generate unnecessary work for different teams causing severe overheads in rectifying the issue.

Business and Compliance Risk Analysis
Migration and Development Strategy

Building the Migration and Deployment Strategy

A carefully planned migration strategy would avoid erros and pitfalls in the long run.

We present a detailed data strategy document, create test loads for entity and transaction records and run the source file in multiple batches to find any events that can generate errors.

Post Migration Testing

Our team performs a comprehensive post migration testing to compare migrated records to the loaded data.

This will guarantee that the migration process is completed, error-free.

Migration Testing

The Complete Zoho Data Migration Solution

Make your migration a success with the Cool Runnings Business Solutions simplicity and hassle-free processes. We are your one-stop migration resource for all things Zoho.

Regardless of whether your data is housed in the Cloud, on-premises, or both, we keep the integrity and security of your data in check. Move your sales, services, marketing, and knowledgebase information from virtually any source you desire, in any way you require.