Collaborative Collaborative Technologies 1 Day Accelerator

The COVID-19 crisis has placed many businesses at risk. Staff are overwhelmed with parents' very understandable concerns, all in a high-pressure economic environment.

This business accelerator is designed to ease this burden.

Fizzics Education has partnered with Cool Runnings, a business solutions and digital technologies specialist company. A comprehensive intensive course has been designed for senior executives and line managers looking for solutions to remote working as well as to pivot core business in an online world.

Cool Runnings has experience in rapid deployment of technology solutions and iterative design of business workflows. Fizzics Education has run education technology accelerators and professional development for years in the school system and has deep experience with distance education learning and how to mesh technology together in multiple environments.

This accelerator is designed to cover multiple outcomes in an intensive day that is both flexible and geared towards the business environment using digital technologies.

Use of Online Platforms Training

Training on the use of the Zoom platform to deliver live online video content, with a consideration of technical requirements, child protection as well as an ideation session on how analysing which products you have or need to be developed given the new economic environment.

Steps to be taken before, during and after the accelerator are carefully discussed and tailored for your centre. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Child protection issues and solutions in a digital world.
  • Engagement tools and their application to early learning environment.
  • Hardware and software considerations (not just what does and doesn’t work, but how to get the most out of everything under a tight budget)
  • How to create interactivity for your customers that works.
  • Training in the use of collaborative tools for staff communication, project planning, document storage, task management, and more. Remote teamwork with stakeholders is very easy to do once you unite these platforms (and many apps available are free).

Why Ben Newsome & his team at Fizzics Education?

Ben Newsome is someone with experience at a global level in collaborative technologies. He can distil information, make quick recommendations and can run collaborative technologies training without traditional restraints at this current point in time.

Ben’s current roles on a global stage:

Ben Newsome has collaboratively worked with other organisations for years on rapidly adapting digital solutions to suit organisations needs without warning and within a few minutes of hearing the issue. This is due to his intimate knowledge of the relevant technologies - the strengths as well as the drawbacks - as well as their connections to multiple organisations and ability to quickly connect teams to work on bigger picture ideas.


Morning Session

  • Child protection. The reality of what needs to be put in place to ensure a safe learning environment for all children. This even if you think only adults are involved in your connections.
  • How to engage customers using remote education. Techniques for engagement will be highlighted and solutions addressed.
  • Learn how to use various software technologies for collaboration between any user.
  • What to do if things go wrong. Examples of lessons learned and what is realistic in terms of what will be able to be fixed and what can’t be fixed.

Afternoon Session

  • How should you market your product? Is there even a product there? Having a great product does not mean someone will either find your content nor appreciate its use or relevance without strong marketing and calls to action throughout the customer journey.
  • How to present quality, well designed materials developed for on-screen viewing. Time will be spent workshopping ideas amongst your staff.
  • Expectation management. Good intentions do not mean good outcomes. This also includes customers accessing your content. Elaborate presentations are not recommended until the basics are understood thoroughly first.